BAMM Art Fair Micro-Exhibitions


BAMM Art Fair Micro-Exhibitions

BAMM Art Fair’s Micro Exhibitions offer local artists their own dedicated gallery space.

This year BAMM Art Fair’s Micro Exhibitions offer 6 solo artists and an artist collective the chance to display a collection of their works in their own dedicated gallery space. All artworks are priced for sale with proceeds directly benefiting the artists and BAMM. 

2019 Artists: Josie Bircall, Greg Fisher, Maisie Johnson, Tim Barklay, Teeny Runzer, Nick Osmond and the Connect Collective: Janet Doyle, Lesley Hawker, Kate Owen and Terri-Ann Crothers. 

Join us for the Opening Night cocktail party or listen to the artists speak about their work at BAMM Art Fair After Dark. Tickets through Trybooking


Created Nature
Tim Barklay’s artistic practice has to date consisted of charcoal portraits, capturing his subject’s personality in a still, monochromatic style. For his Micro Exhibition, the high school Art and Drama teacher is drawing on his other hobby, miniature modeling, to create a series of sculptures from found objects as he explores the relationship between the human and the natural worlds.



Greg Fisher’s Wonder Emporium of Mathematical Explorium
Engineer, Greg Fisher’s creative outlet is constructing sculptures based on the mathematical principles that inform his day job. Exploring the history behind theoretical shapes and patterns, Greg’s Wonder Emporium aims to encourage a new audience to marvel at the beauty of mathematics.



Home is what you make it
Traveling from their native Tasmania to their new life in Moree, Josie Birchall and her family made homes of river banks, road sides and national parks in the nomadic dwelling of their caravan. This experience of living with less in an unconventional home is the basis for her body of work “Home”.



Birds of a Feather
Teeny Runzer is a keen bird photographer. She recently extended her artistic practice to creating sculptures using recycled materials, in particular silverware. Teeny uses the various designs on the handles of forks, spoons and butter knives to reflect light, creating an effect of feathers and wings.



Drawing inspiration from our natural, ever changing environment, Maisie Johnson creates artworks using textiles and watercolours. For her Micro Exhibition, Maisie uses texture, colour and form to creative a positive, calming effect on the audience and bring a sense of serenity to her gallery space.



Artists Janet Doyle, Lesley Hawker, Kate Owen and Terri-Ann Crothers connect as mothers, wives, friends, farmers and artists. Making works individually, collectively, literally and symbolically, the four women create visual metaphors of their rural existence. The flora, the fauna, the objects and their sense of place inform their practice in individual and group exhibitions which depict who they are and where they are from.
Nick Osmond
Painting in a semi abstract style, Nick Osmond is influenced by familiar names in Australian art. Sidney Nolan, Adam Cullen and Ben Quilty inspire Nick’s spontaneous brushwork and figurative narratives.