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Relay League: Angelica Mesiti

An exhibition of recent work by renowned Australian artist Angelica Mesiti.

Calling all.

This is our final cry before our eternal silence.
This message sent by Morse code in 1997 was the poetic starting point for artist Angelica Mesiti as she embarked on her exciting new work: Relay League. The message was not, as one may assume, a desperate transmission sent from a sinking ship, but rather, the final message signaling the end of the use of Morse code sent by the French Navy. Inspired by this final poetic phrase, Mesiti interprets its original dots and dashes through music, choreography, and nonverbal communication in an immersive three channel video installation.
Angelica Mesiti is the artist representing Australia at the 2019 Venice Biennale. She continues to receive wide public and critical acclaim for her work exploring the interaction of sound, language and the human body.

Relay League was curated and developed by Artspace and is touring nationally with Museums & Galleries of NSW. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. The development and presentation of Relay League is supported by Commissioning Partner the Keir Foundation. Relay League was produced with the support of C ND National de la Danse, Paris and University of New South Wales Art & Design. Relay League will be accompanied by a book published by Schwartz City and designed by Formist.

Image: Angelica Mesiti, Relay League (video still) 2017, commissioned by Artspace. Courtesy the artist, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne and Galerie Allen, Paris.