Moree SF3 Film Making Workshop


Art on Holidays - SF3's Smart Phone Filmmaking

Kick off the Winter School Holidays with BAMM's Art on Holiday Classes!
Two smartphone filmmaking workshops with the world leaders in smartphone filmmaking from Sydney's SF3 - the SmartFone Flick Fest.

Have you ever wanted to make your own film that screen in film festivals around the world? Or are you a content creator or You-tuber and want to learn how to shoot more professional quality videos? Then these classes are for you.

Come and learn everything you need to know to create amazing and professional films on your phone or tablet. We will teach you all about screenwriting, cinematography, resolution, frame rates, editing, music and more but in a super fun and accessible way.


  • Tuesday 11th July from 9-11am is for 6-10 year olds
  • Wednesday 12th July from 9-11am is for 10 years +

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