Courage to Care

Courage to Care is a unique exhibition and educational program using stories of rescue from World War II addressing issues positive social action.

Courage to Care is a unique and timely exhibition and educational program using stories of rescue from World War II to address issues about social tolerance and positive social action. The exhibition gives prominence to groups and individuals who – at great risk to themselves and their families – resisted Nazi persecutors and engaged in extraordinarily courageous acts to rescue vulnerable people during the Holocaust.

The display is enhanced by guided tours led by volunteer experts, some of whom are Holocaust survivors. Their stories are linked to the stories featured in the exhibition and a range of historic objects in showcases. These ‘triads’ of information between Rescuer, Survivor and their Precious Objects connects the 2D and 3D content in the exhibition.

To book a free tour for adult groups, please get in touch via email or visit us to organise.

Nominate a Local Hero!
Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their contribution to the Moree or regional community? Two Local Heroes, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, will be selected and honoured for their work in the community. The positive actions and hard work of these individuals will be publicly showcased through a panel within the exhibition and honoured at the opening night!

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Congratulations to our local heroes, Aunty Mary Swan and Steele Sutton!

Funding for Courage to Care Moree has been provided by the NSW Government.