Dennis Golding Mural


Nguwalay (here) Residency

Gamilaroi Mural and Permanent Indigenous Exhibition

Dennis Golding is a Gamilaroi man, recipient of the 2020 NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship through Create NSW, and a humble but inspiring artist with strong family ties to the Moree and Collarenebri areas.

In March 2021, Golding visited the BAMM site to begin a process of community outreach and consultation. Originally set to open in late June 2021 (delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions), Golding has complete a full redesign of our permanent Indigenous cultural objects exhibition space, including a mural that brings the landscape of Kamilaroi Country into BAMM to better serve our community as a place of keeping.

The completed mural aligns with the 2021 NAIDOC theme 'Heal Country!'. The project focuses on the topography of our region's landscape, the significant cultural objects that have come from many communities across Australia to be held in keeping by BAMM, and geometric patterns that pay homage to the traditional designs of carved trees and dendroglyphs on Kamilaroi land revived in contemporary ochre and magenta tones.

Each stage of the artistic and curatorial project saw consultation with community, Elders and the BAMM Board and staff to ensure the final project aligned with local cultural protocols and the long-term vision of BAMM as an inclusive and considered space for the whole community.

The now completed project sees Indigenous cultural objects from the BAMM Collection find rest on the feature wall where Golding stands.

This project is supported by the CreateNSW Rescue and Restart package.

This is a permanent exhibition space, and any future changes will be made in consultation with the artist and relevant stakeholders.