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Flore Valley-Radot

Native / Foreign

Flore Vallery-Radot is a Paris born French photographer and filmmaker.

In this wild environment I felt like a complete foreigner. I used to know the name of many French native plants in Paris where I was born or in Burgundy where my family originates from. I suddenly felt lost, as if looking at street signs in a country with a different alphabet.

Every day, I went on quest to discover new plants, trees, and ecosystems. I realised the immense biodiversity of the Royal National Park and wanted to document it for my own enjoyment. I decided to ask specialists and passionate people, starting an extensive research on the plants I photographed. These walks also became part of my creative thinking.

My idea is to show the contrast between the exquisite beauty of this unique natural environment and the lack of care we give it. I want to show people how fragile nature is and how our disrespectful attitude can slowly destroy it.

Exhibition on display from September 4 - October 1, 2021