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New Look BAMM Art Fair!

Moree Portrait Prize to be included in a special fifth anniversary BAMM Art Fair

The BAMM Art Fair is an annual event created to encourage, support and promote the work of artists practicing in regional areas.

In 2023, BAMM is merging the Moree Portrait Prize with the BAMM Art Fair to create new competition categories with significant prizes on offer for artists.

Artists will enter their work into one of three categories; Landscape, Figurative and Abstract.

All artworks will also be considered by our panel of judges for the open Grand Prize.

The BAMM Art Fair will continue to feature Micro Exhibitions, which showcase five artists' work in their own solo exhibition.

All artworks are for sale to raise money for BAMM's education program.

This means that the 2022 Moree Portrait Prize will be cancelled with artists encouraged to work on entries to the 2023 BAMM Art Fair’s Figurative category.