PRP 2022 Group Photo


The Painted River Project 2022

Celebrating water through arts, culture and science

BAMM, in collaboration with Western Sydney University and the Monash Institute Sustainable Development, proudly presents The Painted River Project Moree.

The Painted River Project Moree returned for its second year in 2022 as an annual pilgrimage that brings together artists, writers, scientists, photographers and community members on the banks of the Mehi and Gwydir Rivers in Moree.

In 2022, over 20 visiting and regional artists came together in late March through a weekend of site-specific "en plein air" art and science sessions, with the support of lead artists Euan Macleod and Charmaine Pike.

These sessions were held at riverside locations highlighting Moree’s unique natural landscapes, innovation in agriculture, cultural significance, and water health.


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In 2021, this project was supported by the Australian Government through CHART Funding.

Image by Sally Tsoutas for Western Sydney University.