5 The Visitors Franca Barraclough


The Visitors: Franca Barraclough

View the majesty and beauty of Central Australia

The Visitors is a powerfully evocative exhibition by long time Alice Springs based artist Franca Barraclough that grapples with the conundrum that living in the desert throws into high relief but that is also in play across the nation.

Well known and much loved for her performance-based community engagement projects, here Barraclough turns her inimitable creative energy to the realisation of a series of monumental photographic images and immersive audio-visual experiences.

The Visitors’ project enables the Australian audience to glimpse the majesty and beauty of Central Australia.

Opening Night: Fri 19 August 6 - 8pm

Exhibition Runs: Fri 19 August – Sat 8 October

Franca Barraclough, Go Feral, 2019, audio visual, dimensions variable.